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How to Tell Your Child Needs Special Children Tutoring?

There are some children that are born with learning disabilities. In some ways, it can affect their growth and development. So, if you have noticed the symptoms below in your child, then he/she may need to undergo special children tutoring.

Communication Delay

If your preschool child has a difficulty in speech or exhibits slow language development, he/she may need a special children tutoring institution. This would help him/her alleviate his/her problems with understanding or communicating his/her thoughts.

Poor Coordination

Have you noticed your child’s sensory motor skills aren’t balanced? An example of that is when he/she is having a problem with using scissors to form letters and numbers. If yes, you need to consult your doctor to confirm your child’s problem.

If you’ve learned your child has a learning disability, show him/her your support by enrolling him/her in CE Plus’s special children tutoring center in Dunedin, FL.


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